Next Generation Smart Phones: Google vs Phone Bloks

Google/Motorola- the future of Smart Phones:

Who will win?

Phonebloks- I phone for the rest of your life:
Here’s the press release from the Motorola blog– sounds like the Motorola and Phonebloks are working together!


What I am trying to change with Collegefeed Ventures

Check out the above article. There is only ONE university in the Mid-Atlantic/South-East region in the top 10, which was Duke in 2012.
If this is the one problem we are trying to solve with Collegefeed Ventures and can increase the number of VC backed entrepreneurs coming out of our 14 universities by 1 entrepreneur in this first year, that is a win in my book. 
We have the power to make a difference!
Step 1: Find the best entrepreneurs, startups, coders on campus.
Step 2: Analyze and discuss the companies to make sure we select the best.
Step 3: Build our network, connect these entrepreneurs to strategic investors
3 Steps, 1 Mission
Check out our website at